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Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers is the first-ever investment group to be built on the Cardano blockchain. Following each drop, the profits will be funneled towards a Cardano project in exchange for a portion of the revenue from sales. In addition, we will also function as service providers and a percentage of our earnings will be shared with our holders.

Distributing earnings

Once a project we have invested in begins to generate revenue, we will receive our portion of the earnings which will be distributed across the wallets of our holders. Each holder portion will vary based on their chick rarity, holders of a rare CNFT will receive a higher portion.

Choosing a project to invest in

The decision will not rest solely on our shoulders. After we have confirmed the legitimacy of the project and given our approval, the vision and roadmap will be presented to our community members on our discord channel allowing holders to vote.


Founding Farmers believes in giving back to the world through charitable donations to farmers all around the globe. We have chosen to allocate 10% of all funds to our charity partners which will also be chosen by the community & team!

Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.

(Q2 2022)

Ballistic Chicks drop 

(Q2 2022)

recruiting a Marketing specialist, analyst, scout, another blockchain developer.

(Q3 2022)

 Introducing candidate projects to the community

(Q3 2022)

holders voting on candidate projects to invest in and other decision

(Q4 2022)

Building a development team to start providing development and other services for cardano projects

(Q1 2023)

annual report that will include all of our expenses/income and everything we have done the past year

Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.

P h a s e 1

Build Community

P h a s e 2

Ballistic Chicks drop:
Recruit and contract any additional team
members required, scout and court projects.

  1. Introducing candidate projects to the
  2. Holders voting on projects to invest in,
    charity project(s) to donate to from mint,
    usage of funds etc.
  3. Building and Marketing Approved

P h a s e 3

  1. Team Update on Progress, Funds,
  2. Votes on Mint #2: Type, Quantity, Rarity,
    Date, Price, WL Spots, etc.
  3. Release of Mint #2

P h a s e 4

Annual Review: Annual report that will
include a review of what we’ve done, what
we’ve learned, our financials, projections,
proposed changes, expansions, additional
project launches etc.
Community votes on disbursement of funds
to holders, charities, proposed changes etc

L I t e P A P E R

Meet the movers and shakers behind The Founding Famers

The Founding Farmers was established by a squad that are devoted to NFTs. These highly experienced crew created the marvelous world of The Founding Farmers

Talking Chick

community manager

worked at an engineering firm for 13 years, where he was contracted with USA Airforce, FEMA, and many others. He managed 65 people in New Orleans post-Katrina. Then worked for 15 years at a water district, where he repaired water mains meters and also designed and installed networks and workstations. he is also a team member in two other projects in CNFT.

kooky kommander

Developer and NFT Enthusiast

Ph.D. students in computer science, published several scientific research papers, worked at Nokia and a couple of start-ups, currently working on a project with RedHat, been in the CNFT community since day one

Ballistic Farmer

financial advisor and business developer

sold his first company at age of 20, then he made another exit by selling his shares in a company he co-founded in the food delivery industry, currently, he is a co-founder of a startup in the gaming streaming industry that’s valued at 4.5M$.

Barnyard Feline (Kitty)

Head of Growth and Marketing

worked in marketing and sales for 15 years. Recently left an executive role in a US based Telecommunications company. Led team and region to success and developed over 70 sales leaders in the field. His decision to work in Web 3 full time is based on a desire to build more regenerative ecosystems. He is a member of numerous other projects.

Barnyard Barker (Jeremy)

Head of Barking - Networking, Project Coordination, Spaces, Fixes Problems:

worked in various sales and marketing roles throughout his career; most recently within the insurance industry. Loves people, building, and web3. Reach out to him for conversation, advice, or networking.